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BeBOLD Course Catalogue

Page history last edited by Brenda Richardson 14 years, 3 months ago

This is for when you have created your BlackBoard courses.



Course Author Course Title & Description

Status (include related year)

  • Completed
  • In Revision
  • Not Done
  • Taught

Grade Level(s)

Core or Elective



Julia Parra CEL 560: Fostering Online Learning Communities
  • Created Spring 07
  • Taught Sp07, Fall08, Fall09
  • Modified Fall 08, 09
NMSU Graduate Certificate  
Sandy Johnson BeBOLD Training Master 

Created Fall 2009

Taught Fall and Spring

Under Revision 

3-12 Grade Teachers   
Vicki Evans Creative Art II, Blended
Not Done, Spring 2010
Grades 9 - 12 Elective
Victoria Johnson

U.S. Government

U.S. History      Blended 

Not Done, Spring 2010 

Grades 11-12


Shara Montoya U.S. History      Blended  Not Done, Spring  2010

Grade 11


Barbara Pearlman

Reading: Together, Alone, Together


Not done will be finished Spring 2010
Grades 11 and 12
Tyson Rush Geometry Part 1
Not Done, Spring 2010

Grades 9-12


Brandi Cox        
Richard Artman        
Jorge Avalos        
Katherine Jaramillo        
Sandra Almanza

Business Technology

Web Page Design

Word Processing

Not Done - Spring 2010

Grades 9-12


All courses will be blended. This may change in the future.
Yvonne Spencer        
Gaspar Lozano Southwest Lit./Hispanic Writers   Not Done 

Grades 9-12


Chasity Montes        
Sara Hartman        
Vern Richardson        
Jacque Davenport Its Your Money! How to Make It How to Keep It!  Created as blended course in 08-09.  I taught in fall if 09.  High School 9-12 Elective  I had 7 students all but one were average students (C) all sophmores but one  and they struggled doing the on-line material.  They were not self-disciplined or self-motivated enough.  The one girl is top of her class and she did well and enjoyed it. 
Sherral Trotter

Entrepreneurship:  Be the Boss!   

It's Your Money!  How to Make It!  How to Keep It!

Created in 2007-08; taught by IDEAL NM 

Created in 08-09, taught by Jacque Fall 09 and Sherral Spring 10 (is this being taught in spring 10 in blackboard?)

Highschool 9-12 -Electives  
Alma Evasco        
Priscilla Barrera        
Jonell Conway        
Kris Baca        
Tom Stidham U.S. History - Proclamation of 1763 - Revolutionary War  Not Done  Jr. High Core   
Judy Groh        
Mike Newell

Middle School Math

Grade 7 

Not Done; Spring 2010 

Middle School Core

Grade 7 

Kim Artman  Elementary Art Spring 2010  in process
K-5 or anyone wanting to know the basics of art.




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