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Wimba presentations

Page history last edited by Vern Richardson 13 years, 3 months ago

Schedule your Wimba presentations here.  You can work in groups.  Level I's are invited to participate too!


Your choice of dates are during the months of November and January for your BeBold audience. 

You may also choose to participate in a "Teacher Talk" webinar.  See the schedule of events if you are interested to choose a date!

Other dates can be added if these months do not work for you or if you are presenting to a different audience.


Name Date Room Link Title Audience Archive Link Documents, PowerPoints, or WebLinks Used
Vicki Evans            
Victoria Johnson            
Shara Montoya            
Barbara Pearlman            
Tyson Rush            
Brandi Cox            
Kim Artman            
Richard Artman            
Jorge Avalos            
Katherine Jaramillo            
Sandra Almanza            
Yvonne Spencer            
Gasper Lozano            
Chasity Montes            
Sara Hartman            
Vern Richardson 3/31/2011 @ 4:10 pm  TBD 

Spreadsheet Formulas

and Student Success PwrPnt 

BEBOLD Participants  Archive link  Spreadsheet Formulas  
Jacque Davenport 3/31/2011 @ 4:10 pm   TBD  Spreadsheet Formulas

and Student Success PwrPnt 

  Archive link  

Student Success Powerpoint in my course Student Success 

Brenda Richardson

Sherral Trotter           presenting with Jacque 
Alma Evasco            
Priscilla Barrera            
Jonell Conway            
Kris Baca            
Tom Stidham            
Mike Newell            
Ralph Gordon             







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