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Student and Teacher Feedback

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Survey Monkey for Post Evaluation  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q7H6TR7



Copy of Survey for Revision


Feedback, Comments, Reflections  (Please include a date for reference)


Teacher Comments on the BeBOLD program


Name Title of Course On Bb Feedback, Comments, and Reflections (Please include a date for reference)

T or C

Vicki Evans Creative Art II 

2/10/11 Students: Tyana found a few mistakes in Syllabus and I corrected them.  She told me she likes the course so far and finds it is user friendly. 2/16/11 Sergio says the course is fun and interesting and he has learned from it too. The Course Document links were very helpful. 2/17/11 Darleen: She likes the pictures and examples. The examples helped her understand what to do on the assignments in Unit 1.

Victoria Johnson Government/Economics   
Shara Montoya U.S. History Reconstruction to the Present   
Barbara Pearlman Together Alone Together: Shared Independent Reading  
Tyson Rush    
Brandi Cox    
Kimberly Artman Visual Arts   
Richard Artman Physical Education   


Jorge Avalos Twentieth Century New Mexico  
Katherine Jaramillo Greek Mythology  
Sandra Almanza

Business Technology

Web Design

Yvonne Spencer

personal growth and development

(although I might change the title...)

Gasper Lozano Southwest Literature/Hispanic Writers  
Chasity Montes BeBold training course   
Sara Hartman    


Vern Richardson Bus Driver Training  
Jacque Davenport Student Success--could change to Government depending on Staffing problems at AHS  I am going to incorporate  some of my Student Success course into my  Junior World History Class  as they will take the NMSBA this year and good test taking skills are covered in my Student Success course. I have also set up blackboard for my other face to face courses in Animas.  I am going to do some blended things, blogs, and discussions there. We are in the process of working out the kinks in getting my students enrolled. 


Sherral Trotter    
Alma Evasco    
Priscilla Barrera    
Jonell Conway    
Kris Baca    
Tom Stidham    
Mike Newell 5th Grade Math  Students are having a tough time navitgating my site, some of the links I added are not coming up. I need to go back and reload those links to see if that solve my issue. 
Ralph Gordon     


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