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School Board Presentations

Page history last edited by Tori Johnson 13 years, 2 months ago


Schedule your school board presentations here.  You can present as a group or as team


Name Date Documents, PowerPoints, or WebLinks Used
Vicki Evans    
Victoria Johnson  

BeBOLD PowerPoint for school board meeting in May 2011 presented by TorC participants

5-12-2011 Agenda School Board.docx  

Shara Montoya    
Barbara Pearlman    
Tyson Rush    
Brandi Cox    
Kim Artman    
Richard Artman    
Jorge Avalos    
Katherine Jaramillo    
Sandra Almanza    
Yvonne Spencer    
Gasper Lozano    
Chasity Montes    
Sara Hartman    
Vern Richardson January 21, 2011 

Here goes: Animas_Schools_board_Agenda_1-18-11.docx

I was restricted by my principal to a brief mention of my course since it wasn't being used by current students of our school.

Jacque Davenport January 21, 2011  Used my Animas blackboard courses as well as my Student Success course and presented them to school board members.  Showed them a Soft Chalk lesson in Student Success as well as the blogs and discussion forums in my History classes.

Brenda Richardson

Sherral Trotter February 14, 2011
Lordsburg Agenda of regular mtg - 2-14-11[1].doc  
Alma Evasco    
Priscilla Barrera    
Jonell Conway    
Kris Baca    
Tom Stidham    
Mike Newell    
Ralph Gordon     








Comments (3)

jdavenport@... said

at 11:55 am on Feb 1, 2011

I presented the things I was doing with Blackboard to the schoolboard on January 21, 2011. I am not teaching Student Success this year but I am going to use one of my units on Study Skills and test taking with my Juniors who will be taking the NMSBA. I showed the board that unit as well as how I was using Blackboard in my other history classes. I told them that lots of colleges were using blackboard and so I was preparing students for college by getting them familiar with this Learning Management System.

Sandy Johnson said

at 2:50 pm on Feb 3, 2011

Thanks Jacque! Awesome~

Sherral Trotter said

at 11:28 am on Mar 21, 2011

I presented the course that I created - Graphic Arts - on February 7. I used a projector and actually showed them the links to the units and assignments. We discussed that taking an online class in highschool would help prepare them for other online classes they may take in college.

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